Ballhalla Baseball Game

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Now available in PDF format, and downloads are FREE!


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We now offer this great game in four exciting versions.


The different versions arose from customer suggestions, with each customer looking for something a bit different.


Playball !

This is our latest innovation, the new flagship, with an easy learning curve and as always, statistical accuracy to the nth degree.


The 2 dice version

This is our original flagship version.  It has the steepest learning curve, but if you use the on-line sample game, you can learn most of it in just a few short hours.

A choice of flip cards (facs) or charts for everything from runner advancements to everything else.


2 dice - E version

Made for Excel so you don’t have to print anything up.  2 dice Ballhalla.  You will need Microsoft Excel to play.


The 3 dice version

This is our “over easy” version.  It has the fewest instructions and you can be up and running in 30 minutes.

A base situation chart booklet is used for runner advances


The 4 dice version

Exactly like the 2 dice version except there’s 2 more dice to roll which eliminates the re-rolls in the 2 dice version. 

(There are an average of 9 re-rolls a game as your pitcher tries to strikeout the batter so he doesn’t have to rely on his defense to make the play.)



All Versions

All versions are Statistically accurate for batting, pitching, and most fielding stats.

All versions have the same defensive impact where the fielders with great range will really help your pitching staff.

All versions read the result of the play right off the card.


The 2 and 4 dice version will

Give accurate outfield assist totals

Give a further breakdown of the type of error made

Give the good strikeout pitcher less reliance on his defense